The wall mounted desk folds out to provide ample space for working and folds up to serve as the cabinet to keep tidy, an ideal space-saving solution for any homeowner looking for storing essential items to reduce clutter and optimize your personal space. Exquisite smooth provides a handy working surface and access to storage compartments when open.

Find a thoughtful gift for the special lady in your life isn’t that easy. You might have already tried many things and run out of ideas. No need to trawl through endless pages of suggestions, this beautiful and elegant ceramic deer head container will be your rescue.

Although the weather forecast is getting more and more accurate, we still make laugh when when it is wrong. Then when I came across this product, I am not sure how this storm bottle can predict weather better then the high-tech weather station.

If you are bored with normal 2D puzzle, maybe it is time to try something new. Made by the Japanese company Megahouse, the realistic 3D Tuna Dissection Puzzle is a fun game with 33 pieces that also teaches you the basics of fish science.

Away from your partner this Valentine’s? Missing your BFF? Always wanted a little clone of yourself? It is totally possible with the Personalised Mini Me.

Japanese is famous for the “creative” idea. Sometimes, they will design something easily amazed people while sometimes, you might think that is a bit too over. Just like the lettuce notepad in this article. I am quite speechless when saw this product. This unconventional notepad can’t fit any of my requirement for notepad.