Our life is so busy that we don’t even have time to eat cereal at the table? Assuming this is the fact or fact for someone, the CrunchCup maybe something you should take a look.

Back to school has officially started and I bet many of you have already started preparation. Everyone has their own needs and when I was a student, I always wanted a new pen case! It is a kind of addiction, but a nice pen case is always on the top of my list.

I like to snuggle/hug with my pillow during sleep and I can totally understand those body pillows and boyfriend pillows on market. But I am still quite speechless when I saw the Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow.

Playing sand on beach probably is one of the favorite things for kids and even grown-ups. This summer, besides the normal castle and animal mold, we have one more thing to play with and probably you have already spotted them on beach - napping cats! Neko Cup is the latest product from Japanese design brand h-concept. Made from biomass plastic (bamboo and scallop shells) the hollowed out object creates a silhouette of a napping cat.

Having AC is kindly essential for many people during summer but having a decorative table fan is also nice when you want to have a natural breeze.

If you ever walk under the sun in summer, you will understand the appreciation of the wind. But sometime, we don’t even have a bit breeze. Thanks to the portable handheld fan, now you can have your very own wind always on.