Stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days with the Mister Breeze Umbrella! This innovative product provides UVA and UVB blocking protection from the sun, as well as a powerful downward-directed fan that covers a larger area than any other handheld fan. With the built-in mister, you’ll feel even cooler and more refreshed.

The Mister Breeze Umbrella is a must-have for anyone attending music festivals, beach outings, or any other outdoor summer activity. And now, with its second-generation design, the umbrella is rechargeable, so you can enjoy cool breezes and mist all day long.

Introducing the new and innovative Dreamfarm Spinar - the ultimate 2-in-1 kitchen gadget that acts as both a straining colander and a salad spinner. With its clever design, you can effortlessly spin dry your produce in mere seconds without the need for an extra bowl to clean.

According to tales from Paris, couples would place a lock on part of a bridge to symbolize their unbreakable bond and everlasting love. This Valentine’s Day, do the same with your sweetheart using this this cool new heart-shaped padlock.

Leafriend, the plant support buddies from Peleg Design are a set of three whimsical figures that sit on the edge of a pot, glass, or vase to help hold up and support plant cuttings, young sprouts, flowers, or even an avocado stem.

These skull-shaped cakelets will add some ghoulish delight to your Halloween table. Frightfully fun, featuring life-like skull detailing. Let your imagination run wild; use for skull-shaped ice molds, krispy treats, homemade pizza rolls, meatloaf, Mexican sugar skulls, and more.

This 9-Inch Imitated Human Skull Gas Log is perfect as Fireplace and Fire Pit Accessories Decoration. Provide a realistic, natural roaring fire for a beautiful ambiance in your home. It’s is not only simple to function and maintain. With no ash, no wood and no hassle you’ll quickly forget the inconvenient days of burning real wood.